Enterprise/Mobile version to be released soon
——Capture and reconstruct full-body motion
Over 200 clients have been served
Markerless and wearable-free
0.1-second delay
Capture with 208 points
Real-time generation
Nearly cinematic-level performance
CYAN.AI's core lies in Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) and Deep Neural Network (DNN) algorithms, complemented by various other algorithms like motion capture feature smoothing, multi-object collaboration in image recognition, spatial detection and positioning, redirection, and more. These powerful markerless motion capture algorithms offer high accuracy and performance
Minimum limb error:1 cm 
Maximum limb error:5cm 
Average limb error:<3cm
Frame rate:30-50 FPS
Latency:≤ 0.1s
3D MAP:70+
Skeleton points:208
Single-hand capture:21  points
Full-body limbs:33  points
Facial expressions:140  points
Accelerated animation/games/interactive
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Provides options for different qualities
Choose the version that's right for you
Integrated versions
①Support for webcam or cell phone
②Support body, finger, Face
③Real-time delay of 0.1s or Mobile Phone Shooting
④High precision capture
⑤Export FBX●Automatic redirection
Enterprise Version
①Software one-year license
②4K industrial camera x2
③USB 3.0 extension cable x2
④USB extender x1
⑤International air express shipping cost
Webcam Version
① Software one-month or one-year license
②Supports all 1080p  90dfov webcams
②Support UE5.0-5.3  Unity 2021
③Technical support in DISCORD
④You need to prepare two webcams
CPX Industrial cameras ready for launch
Resolution: 4K
frame rate:60fps
Chip Processor:SONY IMX
CPX high-performance industrial cameras provide a stable working environment for motion capture, and each camera undergoes calibration procedures, shutter debugging, motherboard performance debugging, and chip preprocessing.
Powerful mainstream standard compatibility
CYAN.AI builds a brand new skeleton system, which fully adapts to UE, MetaHuman, Daz, CC4, Iclone, Unity Avatar, 3DmaxBiped, MayaHumanIK, MayaADV, MMD, VRM, Mixamo skeleton through efficient mapping algorithm and redirection algorithm, and is driven by a single key! Digital assets, quickly switch the standard model, no need for secondary development adjustments
One-click export of high-precision FBX data
It's effortless; you can record the desired FBX data anytime and get it with just a simple tap of a button
Simplified software interface
The CYAN.AI user interface is incredibly simple. With just a few clicks, you can perform actions such as record, play, pause, fast forward, rewind, increase frame rate, decrease frame rate, smooth, and export FBX. This allows you to obtain real-time or offline motion data comparable to the quality found in professional film studios