Cyanpuppets possesses leading AI image algorithm and real-time rendering technology in China. With Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) and Deep Neural Network (DNN) algorithms as its core, the company has built a self-developed AI model architecture, specializing in AIGC (Artificial Intelligence and Graphics Collaboration) technology that drives collaboration between virtual and real worlds.
The self-developed CYAN.AI platform focuses on 2D video to 3D motion data generation, enabling true 3D virtual space motion. It offers global users markerless motion capture, full-body interaction for virtual social interactions, 3D animation creation tools, and 3D spatial previsualization technology
begin 2019
Committed to achieving collaboration between virtual worlds and the real world, we aim to build a bridge for global users to traverse the realm of virtual reality
Since 2006, he has served as a software engineer and technical director in companies such as Yunnan Computer Key Laboratory, a certain military region's air force command system, Rib Group, Gaoxin Xing Group, and UP Investment.
In 2016, he founded Guangzhou Maige Information Technology, focusing on products in the field of human interaction technology
He has worked as the project lead and senior operations manager for virtual human projects at Tencent Music Entertainment Group, Tencent AI department, Huya Live, Alibaba Digital Entertainment, and Ren Wantang。
In 2018, he founded Guangzhou Flat Head Brother Culture Media as the founder. In 2019, the company became one of the top three TikTok MCN (Multi-Channel Network) agencies in Guangzhou, with a monthly revenue exceeding tens of millions. The company had approximately 200 employees. In 2021, he became the Operations Director of Guangdong Yongsheng Animation and the head of the Ymeta business unit