METAVANCE X CYANPUPPETS Accelerating the process of commercialising avatars

On the virtual human track, Metavance is a dark horse company. Since its establishment in 2022, they have not only continued to improve their high-level R&D capabilities to increase low-cost production efficiency, but also gradually realised the layout of the whole chAIn business model from avatar IP operation, to avatar IP commercialisation, and then to the closed loop of avatar marketing. In this issue, Mr Xu, CEO of Metavance, introduces us to the new progress of avatar bandwagon live broadcasting, and the use of cyanpuppets in live broadcasting is an important link to accelerate the commercial realisation of avatars.


 Q:Mr Xu, can you tell us about your company's business segments?

Our current business covers two segments: the first is the virtual human pan-entertain-ment live broadcast and live bandwagon. We have built our own virtual man matrix, which can not only realise the traffic growth of our own IP, but also provide virtual man production and operation services for B-side customers. For example, we have recently launched a virtual man for Tongheju to create a virtual man, "the king", for which we will carry out a live broadcast with goods.The second segment is the AI avatar segment, where avatars can be trained to act as any role in our lives, such as virtual customer service and so on.At present, we have six directions of virtual human anchor, covering Chinese dance, Korean dance, poetry, audiobooks and so on.


 Q:Why did you choose to focus on the avatar track?

We can tell a little story to draw out our initial idea. At an exhibition, a 94-year-old grandmother in a wheelchair came to our company's booth and chatted with this virtual pet for more than half an hour in front of our virtual pet interactive screen, which gave us a great touch. The ultimate goal of our team is actually to create companion virtual people, because emotional needs are the core needs of human beings, which has nothing to do with age. The cost of a real social scene between people in modern society has become higher, and some of the emotional value needs are actually not met. Therefore, our team's exploration of virtual human at this stage is to prepare for the eventual launch of the "companion" C-end product, to meet this piece of emotional needs that have been neglected.


Q:For this goal, why did you choose Cyanpuppets?

Cyanpuppets precision is very high, but we choose cyanpuppets not only because of the effect, the most important is the cost considerations, we tried all the motion capture programme on the market, relatively stable are basically to spend tens of thousands of dollars or more, if you want to rely on the anchor to recover the cost of a single set of hardware, it will take a very long time cycle. Choose Cyanpuppets can be in addition to better motion capture effect, there are commercial profit margins, is the most cost-effective product in our opinion.


Q:What business plan would you like to realise next using Cyanpuppets?

At present, our real-time virtual human live broadcasting technology as well as virtual human production technology are of quite high quality, but we see that there are actually no virtual humans in the market that are launched specifically for the purpose of realisation or bandwagon, and most of them are transformed from virtual humans with a high fan base. The biggest difference between us and other companies in the avatar track is that we have a full-process operation team serving avatar IPs. So next we will focus on the virtual human pan-entertainment live broadcast, live carry goods, and the application of AI virtual human, we will copy multiple virtual humans using cyanpuppets for live carry goods, to achieve the virtual human traffic conversion, to provide enterprises with customised carry goods virtual human of the whole process solution.

Text Source:cyanpuppets & METAVANCE

Image Source:METAVANCE