Ziwu Yinghua X cyanpuppets Convenient and high-quality motion capture scenarios

Ziwu Yinghua is part of ShanghAI Media Technology Co., Ltd (SMT), a subsidiary of Shanghai Media Group (SMG), and is dedicated to producing top-notch digital entertainment content. We are honoured to have invited Mr. Cen from the Ziwu Yinghua team to conduct some interviews and learn about the most cutting-edge ideas and information about the industry.


Q:Mr.Cen, can you tell us about the projects our team is currently working on?

The projects we are currently working on are mainly in two segments, the first is the production technology processing and service category of digital characters, and the second is the live streaming IP incubation of Jitterbug. We have created a multi-talented 2.5D virtual idol - "Momoko White Peach" with high-quality rendering and synthesis of digital characters and online real-time live broadcasting.It has accumulated hundreds of thousands of fans. We deal with light trapping every day, but now we are considering the ease of use for our customers and have started experimenting with simpler trapping equipment that allows our customers or anchors to broadcast live from their homes.

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 Q:Your reason for choosing cyanpuppets

The technology of cyanpuppets is very cutting-edge, and it is the future direction of technology. It can realise application scenarios that couldn't be realised before, such as offline exhibitions where the real person can directly drive the character to do real-time interaction without wearing any equipment. Previously, you had to wear some equipment, no matter what type of equipment, which made the process complicated and difficult to realise. Now we can do WYSIWYG, people can perform as long as they stand in front of the camera, and see real-time animation feedback, which is quite interesting, and I think it's a good attempt.

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Q:Based on such convenient usage scenarios, what are the plans for more diverse applications in the future?

At present, in addition to improving the business level of our own team, we are planning to combine with cyanpuppets to launch some application applets that can be landed, like what I said earlier to let anchors or players play at home inside the interactive small games, such as dancing carpet, dodgeball and so on. Let the playability give full play to, I think this is a great advantage of simple motion capture, much better than traditional motion capture. And our binoculars can already achieve a very good effect, I believe we can have an immersive effect. Creative journey is still continuing, looking forward to more fun stories.

Text Source:cyanpuppets & 子午映画

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