DAWA X CYANPUPPETS A New Upgrade of Efficiency in the Animation Education Scene

In a new interview for our User Story, we caught up with Chen Liang, Head of Education at Dawa ImageTechnology. Dawa Image Technology is a leading digital content production company in China, and with a strong production capacity for digital content, their partnership with cyanpuppets has produced quite interesting results

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Q:Hi, Mr Chen, can you tell us a little bit about Dawa Technology?

Dawa Technology is one of the first batch of China's industry-academia-research-investment complexes integrating virtual reality, augmented reality, expanded reality, virtual simulation, film and television, and animation. The mAIn business focuses on four segments: digital content production, vocational education, meta-universe and games, and AIGC R&D. In the digital content production sector, Dawa has 4 advanced video production bases and the largest professional optical motion capture studio in China, and CyanpuppetsAI wearable motion capture has become a more flexible and convenient addition to our digital content production process due to its low cost and simplicity.

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Q:What change do you think cyanpuppets has created in the education industry?

We're working with universities across the country to develop digital content production talent. Cyanpuppets have become one of the most special "AI teaching aids". Past motion capture devices are expensive, complicated and time-consuming to deploy, and difficult for students to learn and create. While cyanpuppets do not need to put on and take off complex equipment, the advantages of the AI programme also eliminates a lot of pre-debugging time, in just 45 minutes of classroom can let each student have an in-depth understanding of the content and knowledge related to motion capture. Deployment and operation are quite convenient, which is very helpful for students to understand the motion capture process and output high-quality animation content. We have already started deploying cyanpuppets into the classrooms on campus this year, and have achieved very good results.

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Q:What other exciting directions of exploration can you share?

We also have a very important application scenario in cultural tourism, for example, in the application of cultural tourism XR exhibition hall, we will create a meta-universe experience scenario, so that visitors can interact with reality and reality by using no wearable motion capture. We are also exploring the script-killing XR experience scene, designing real people and virtual people to interpret the script together, so that users can use motion capture to film their own plot. These innovations in motion capture applications have brought us great surprises. Overall, cyanpuppets brings us quite a lot of room for imagination and creativity.


Thank you to Chen Liang and the Dawa team for sharing with us their innovative exploration of working with cyanpuppets. We look forward to more "good stories" in the future.

Text source: cyanpuppets & Chen Liang

Image Source: Dawa Technology