Anime and manga blogger's sci-fi creative journey

TDC of Tran Defence Club, privately we will call him Lao Zhang, a creative and well-known anime expert on bilibili, as well as a loyal user of cyanpuppets. His works are mAInly based on aerospace sci-fi and mecha-future themes, and are unique sci-fi content with a national flavour. Recently, we got to know more about Lao Zhang's creative story and how he uses Cyanpuppets' products to inject more vitality into his works. 


Starting in March last year, Lao Zhang gave up his years of self-publishing work to start learning CG, and by February this year, he began officially creating animated CG videos, and has now grown into a B-station animation personality with over 400,000 followers. During this one-year journey, he has continued to transform his inner whims into visual art, expressing his wild imagination of the future in the form of animation.


The origin of his creation can be traced back to Lao Zhang's childhood, when he was a child, he was fascinated by sci-fi films and games, longing to build a futuristic world of his own. In his B-site content, we often see some very national style named spacecraft, robots and planets, such as "Houyi", "Roaring Sky", "Houtu" and so on, which is inspired by the Chinese aerospace equipment with the name of a household name. This is inspired by the fact that Chinese aerospace equipment is named after household names, and these elements are derived from Chinese traditions, reflecting the author's affection for Chinese culture.


Lao Zhang is currently focusing more on the creation of sci-fi animations, with a one-minute length that is just right for fans to enjoy a short and fast audio-visual feast. Cyanpuppets also play an effective role in supporting his creative journey, with two webcams that can be simply set up in his study without the need to wear a motion-capture suit. No complicated calibration process is required for accurate capture, and compared to other expensive and limited motion capture options, cyanpuppets' products save a lot of time and money. Especially in character motion capture, it can assist in the rapid production of natural and realistic character movements, significantly improving animation efficiency and motion effects.

 animation efficiency and motion effects.


In fact, the journey as a content creator is not always glamorous, as new software, technologies and processes are constantly emerging in this era, and Lao Zhang is deeply convinced that there is no end to learning, and constant exploration of the industry has become his norm. However, the public's recognition and love of his content is a powerful motivation on the way to creation, and sometimes he will leave little eggs in his videos, and when viewers discover them, the depth of interaction between the author and the audience makes everything even more interesting.


In general, Lao Zhang's sci-fi works are not only his personal vision of the future, but also a tribute to the dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. cyanpuppets, as his right-hand man on the path of creation, has witnessed his continuous progress and creative metamorphosis. He hopes to have the opportunity to create his own big sci-fi IP in the future, and we are just as excited as he is to see the big world of sci-fi in the Tran Defence Council TDC, and we are very much looking forward to seeing Lao Zhang and other creators continue to push the boundaries of animation creation!


Textual source:Cyanpuppets

Illustration source:特兰防卫会TDC